dsc 0032 2Mission Statement: ethos of care

The ethos of Innis Ree lodge is one of resident centeredness.

Residents remain in the centre of what we strive. Out motto is "We work in your home", and this is promoted among all personnel.


Our charter of rights is a code of Practice adhered to, encompass issues of

respect and dignity, privacy and control of environment, access to information and services.


Innis Ree lodge is committed to embracing positive ageing and to place the resident at the centre of all decisions, in

relation to the provision of residential services at the centre.

Innis Ree lodge endeavours to encourage, promote and develop independence and work in partnership with the residents

and their families. We see our residents as complex individuals with a variety of social and healthcare needs. We

endeavour to address the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of all of our residents with a holistic approach of

empathy and kindness.

Innis Ree Lodge will strive to provide care to our residents and their families in a respectful, caring manner.

We will foster positive working relationships with all members of our healthcare teams including our partner in the community setting.

Innis Ree Lodge aims to provide a quality assured and equitable health service of excellence to all the clients entrusted to

our care.

We wish our clients to enjoy life where all aspects of their existence are meaningful and harmonious within their environment.

Innis Ree Lodge is committed to its role as a advocate for the residents irrespective of whether their stay is of long stay duration, for respite, or palliative care.

We believe in achieving excellence in patient outcomes through continuous performance and quality improvement using evidence based practise.