Convalescence/Respite Care

Supporting you through challenging times...

Sometimes, all that people need is the opportunity to be supported whilst they return to full health or indeed take a break

from the responsibilities of looking after themselves on a full-time basis. With this in mind, Innis Ree Lodge deliver a

full-programme of convalescence and respite care, ranging from an overnight stay through to regular breaks, possibly

whilst they decide if moving into Innis Ree Lodge on a long term basis is the right thing for them.

If you are a carer you can relax, knowing that your relative, friend or patient is in a safe, welcoming environment with

first class care tailored to their needs. A respite care stay at Innis Ree Lodge gives many people the opportunity to

experience first hand the quality of care and service of which we are proud at Innis Ree Lodge.

Building relationships
Convalescence and respite care stays are generally short term; however, the relationships built between the home and

resident give great reassurance to all concerned if a longer stay ever becomes necessary, or indeed, as happens in many

cases, people simply decide that they prefer living in a nursing home environment.

Respecting your needs
Our aim with all stays, whether short or long term is to provide seamless continuity of care, and our well-trained and

qualified staff work hard to ensure that everyone's personal desires and preferences are respected.

Prior to admission, we will arrange to meet you either in the convenience of your own home or at the nursing home.

We can then assess your care needs, start to get to know you and your likes and dislikes and then tailor a care plan to suit you

For more information or to arrange a viewing please contact Caroline or Siobhán at 043 3327300